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Leverage your current database to increase conversions.
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High Open Rates

Our email marketing team creates intriguing subject lines to increase open rates.

High CTRs

We create compelling content that makes the user want more leading to high CTRs.

Beautiful Design

We create beautiful designs that are consistent with your brand identity and image.

Responsive Designs

We create emails that are responsive on any device including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Our E-Mail Marketing Process

  1. Strategy
    Our email marketing experts will work with your business to determine the strategy of the campaign. We will determine if this is going to be a acquisition email campaign or a retention based campaign. The goal of the campaign will then be determined.
  2. Design
    Our email marketing experts will design the email to align with your brand identity and the goals of the campaign. The design includes a responsive design that will populate on any device. The design also includes a captivating subject line that will have a high deliverability rate and open rate. Our content will also be aligned with the goals and brand of the business to promote click-through-rates.
  3. Execute
    Our email marketing team will execute the email campaign per your specifications. Time of day and day of the week is important so our email marketing team will work with you to determine this.
  4. Measure
    We will provide you with reports that includes open rate, click-through-rates, bounce rates and potential on-page conversions.

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Email Marketing Works

Email marketing is king. Email marketing provides your highest return on investment. Recent reports suggest that email marketing has a ROI of 3800%…that means for every $1 spent you make $38.

Email marketing is not more important than ever. With over 53% of emails being opened and read on mobile devices it is important that your email campaigns are responsive on any device.

Email marketing is under utilized by organizations. In today’s marketing landscape many organizations are focused on customer acquisition. It costs organizations four times more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current customer.  Your current customers will spend more on your business if you continue to show them loyalty with good products, services and communication.

Customer retention is an area of focus that your business should undertake. Continue to inform your current customer base of new products and services you’re offering through the use of email marketing. Don’t have an email marketing platform? Do you want an automated system? No worries. DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency will work with your company to provide these services for you.

Our Platforms

There are a plethora of email marketing software solutions available on the market. At DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency we focus on three: MailChimp, Constant Contact and Exact Target.

MailChimp is a popular email marketing software program with many options. One of the best options available on MailChimp is API integration with our current website designs. Our WordPress based websites allow for an email marketing plugin to be created so users can join a mailing list directly from your website and then receive correspondence from your company.

Constant Contact is a popular email automation software program we use for triggered drip campaigns. Triggered drip campaigns prove to provide the highest ROI for companies. It allows companies to send targeting messages to users after a specific action has taken place or time has passed by.

Exact Target is a Salesforce product that is highly sophisticated and allows for great responsive designs. Exact Target is also used for advanced triggered drip campaigns that allow us to reach your customer at the right time with the right message.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to provide the email list?

For retention emails we would require the email list from your company. For acquisition emails we would work with a third party to obtain an email list that fits your target market.

Can we send another message to those who opened the first email?

Yes! Remarketing is a big key to email marketing. We can send tailored messages to those who opened your emails but did not click. We can also remarket to those who clicked through to your landing page but didn’t make any actions on the website. We can do this through email and also other marketing means such as display ads.

How much does this cost?

Email marketing is affordable. We only charge for the design of the email if it is a retention based email. If it is an acquisition then you’d be responsible for the email list charge as well.

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