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Our staff will check your online directories to ensure consistency in NAP information.

Content Creation

Our content team will create relevant useful information that search engines love.

Website Speed

Our website design team will work with your current website to increase the page load speed.

Website Tags

Our team will find areas of weakness in your current website structure and correct them.

Our SEO Process

  1. Complete Analysis
    We will look at your current website structure and review it for mobile optimization, compelling content, meta tags, image alt tags, keywords, inbound links, page load speed and more which goes into your SEO.
  2. NAP Consistency
    We will look at your listing agents throughout the web to review the consistency of your name, address and phone number. We will advice you of the locations that you are currently not listed at and where we can help.
  3. Competitor Analysis
    We will look at your direct competitors to see how their website is structured and where they are ranking in search results. We will also look at their listing agents as well to see where we can gain ground.
  4. Plan
    We will develop a plan based on what needs to be done to your current website structure as well as your listing agents online in order to improve your search rankings. We will conduct keyword research to find out what your customers are actually searching for.
  5. Climb the Rankings
    We will execute on this plan fixing all the errors found on the initial analysis of your website structure. We will work with the listing agents to correct inaccurate NAP info and to get your business added in places it needs to be. We will create compelling content that search engines find valuable based on popular keyword searches. We will improve every asset of your digital world to ensure you populate high in the search engine rankings.

DuNorth Process



NAP Information

Competitor Analysis



Climb The Rankings

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Why SEO Is Important

Over 3.5 billion Google searches occur…daily. Where your website populates in those search results is a big factor in whether or not your product or service will be seen by potential customers. SEO, search engine optimization, is a cost-effective way to structure your website in order to be an option in search engine’s results.

SEO has become more complicated as search engines continue to change the way they rank websites based on search terms. The days of hiding keywords within the background are over. It takes a team of experts to analyze your website to ensure that it is properly setup for search engines like Google and Bing to crawl and find relevant information that consumers are looking for. More importantly it takes a team of experts to optimize your user experience.

The amount of searches done on a mobile device now exceed the amount of searches on traditional desktop computers. This means a higher emphasis is placed on mobile responsive websites and local SEO. Local SEO is structured in which the search engines know you are part of a local community by various methods that include both online and offline strategies. We can help with both.

SEO should be a necessity for your company. SEO is the backbone of digital marketing. Not only are your competitors doing it but search engines are gaining more market share than ever, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s cost-effective, the emphasis on local is rising, and because it still works. Consult with us today regarding your current website structure and let us help you climb the ranks of the search engine world.

There’s More Than Just Google

It is true that the term “Google” is now a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary. With over 3.5 billion searches daily on the Google platform this makes sense.  Too many website designers and SEO enthusiasts focus on this one search engine. Yes, it is important to own as much search real estate on Google as possible, but it is also just as important to focus on the “other” search engines.

Bing continues to gain marketing share in the search engine world taking from Google.  Bing, owned by Microsoft, is used by approximately 21% of the search community. This number has consistently risen since 2015. Each search engine has their own algorithm for find thing the right websites to populate when you search. Bing’s algorithm has been improving over the years to where many users find it a better option than Google.

Yahoo! was once the breadwinner in the world of search. Through years of minimal updates for the user it continued to lose market share to Google and Bing. Yahoo! is now the third most popular search engine.  Yahoo! is still used by approximately 13% pf the search community. This is still a big number you cannot afford to ignore. With the sale of Yahoo! to Verizon in 2016 you can expect big things from Yahoo! especially in mobile search. Verizon has over 103 million customers in the US alone. You can imagine they will want to leverage their new asset for their customer base.

  • Google 64%
  • Bing 21%
  • Yahoo! 13%

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Frequently Asked Questions

People tell me SEO is dead, why should I focus on it?

SEO is not dead. In fact it is getting more and more complex and company’s can no longer afford to avoid it. Your competition is doing it. Search engines are getting smarter and are actively monitoring your business in terms of both online and offline activities. Those who do SEO now will win in the long run.

My website design company built my website with SEO in mind, why do I need to pay a monthly SEO fee?

Every single honorable website design firm should build your initial website with SEO in mind. That means ensuring your website load speed is top-notch, you’re optimized for mobile, your images contain ALT tags, your META tags are correct, you are focusing on keywords, etc. The problem with the “one and done” formula is SEO is constantly changing, the way people search is constantly changing, therefor you need to constantly monitor the search atmosphere to ensure you are still in the game. We do that for you.

How much will SEO cost me?

DuNorth Marketing and Advertising does SEO on a monthly fee basis. The fee depends on the complexity of the project. A typical SEO company will charge around $150 a hour for SEO. DuNorth’s SEO team will work with your team to provide an affordable quote to ensure you are getting the attention you deserve.

What do I need to provide?

DuNorth relies on the client for your expertise in your industry. As part of our due diligence we like to learn as much about your company and industry as possible as it makes us better at our jobs. However at the end of the day you are the expert. If there are areas of expertise that we can enhance via SEO we will do that. We ask you to provide us as much information as possible to ensure we are creating compelling content that is of high quality and educational for the search engines to view as credible.

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