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Gorgeous Design

Our staff will design your website using stunning graphics, attractive animations, beautiful typeface and eye-catching colors.

Fully Responsive

Our staff will ensure that your website is responsive on all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

Easy To Update

Our staff will provide you in-depth training so that even a beginner can update your website with confidence.

Quick Turnaround

Our staff will provide you with a realistic timeline to ensure your website design is completed on schedule and on time.

Our Website Design Process

  1. Website Design Strategy
    We work directly with the client to uncover their wants, needs and their goals for their website. We determine what it is that the client would like to accomplish with their website design. We also investigate the client’s competitors to ensure we are approaching the project with the competition in mind. We then present several design options for the client to pick from.
  2. Design and Develop the Website
    Our staff will work with the client to determine the correct messaging for their target market. The client will provide DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency with the relevant content. DuNorth will take this content and mold it into a beautiful, responsive website design.
  3. Website Audit and Feedback
    After the website design is completed the client will have a chance to review everything prior to launch. DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency will make the necessary adjustments requested by the client. This is the most important step because we want you to be pleased with your website design.
  4. Website Launch
    After all edits are made and the client is happy with their project the DuNorth team will launch the website to the public. We will also ensure the new design is submitted to the big search engines so you start reaping the benefits instantly!

The DuNorth Process



Design and Develop


Audit and Feedback

Website Launch

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We Use WordPress

WordPress is not just a blogging website. WordPress has evolved over the past several years and is not used to create fully functional website and mobile applications.

Approximately 23% of all website are powered by WordPress. But why? WordPress is easy to use and is flexible.  It is also very easy to learn.  With WordPress being an open source hosting service you have endless options to improve and enhance your website, for free!

WordPress is also search engine friendly. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can easily find your finished project. DuNorth Marketing and Advertising ensures your website is submitted to these search engines but being built on WordPress hosting allows these search engines to easily crawl your websites to ensure the search results are showing the most up-to-date information.

WordPress is secure. Now days people try from all over to “break” into websites. By having your website on a WordPress host it gives you that extra blanket of security you deserve and the boost of confidence you need. These are all the reasons we choose to use WordPress for your website design project.

Responsive Website Design

Responsible website designs are website designs which the layout will change based on the screen size of the device being used to access the website.

The number of people accessing the internet from a mobile device has surpassed those who access the internet from a computer. This is why it is extremely important that your business has a mobile responsive website. Having your website mobile ready will attract new customers, improve your search engine rankings and set you up for future scalability. Not sure if your current website is mobile ready? Click here to test your current website.

DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency will create you a beautiful, professionally designed website that is optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop users. We are ready to work with you to create your vision in a digital, responsive format. Contact us today for a quote!

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E-Commerce Ready Website Design

Online shopping sales are expected to exceed $370 billion dollars in 2017. Time, availability, cost and convenience are big concerns of shoppers. An online store allows them to get what they want, when they want it at an affordable price point. We can offer that to your customers too.

DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency can create you your own online store. We work with WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon Associates. We will also look into other online store formats if you wish. Our team will fully train your staff on the shopping platform chosen to ensure you can process your online orders and get the items to the customer in a timely matter.

Have an item you want to sell on your website? Let DuNorth do that for you. Contact us today for a quote!

Why You Need A Professional Website Design by DuNorth Marketing and Advertising Agency

You Currently Don’t Have A Website

  1. 24/7 Access: your customers can get information from you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  2. Convenient: your customers can find you online at their convenience, not on a schedule
  3. Credibility: having a website instantly gives your business credibility and makes you feel bigger than what you actually are
  4. Sales: a website is a sales hub, another area for commerce for your business
  5. Marketing: a website is your central marketing hub on the internet, send the right message at the right time

You Currently Have A Website

  1. Your website technology might be out of date: do today’s search engines like your structure?
  2. Your website design looks old and outdated: do you wish your site looked like others?
  3. Your website is not mobile friendly: can you access your website by a smartphone?
  4. Your website is not getting you desired results: are your conversions where you want them to be?
  5. Your business strategy has changed: your website should align with your strategy, do you need a new website?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your website designs cost?
Our website designs are custom designed to align with your marketing strategy. We work with you to ensure our design is centered around what your goals are as a business. Each project we undertake is different from another. No two projects are the same. This is why we do not have a standardized cost structure for our website design. Our quotes are on a project to project basis. We base our quotes on the depth and scope of the project.
How quickly can you get me my new website?
Our website design team works quick. Our process is planning and strategizing with you to determine your goals. Once that is complete we get to work. We get our content from you, to ensure we are populating the website design with proper information for your customer. After the design is complete you will audit the website and request changes. Then we can launch. The timeframe differs from project to project. We will give you a realistic timeline of completion that you will be happy with.
Does it cost me more to have changes made later on?
Our website design team can help with future changes under our website maintenance programs. This is a yearly fee that includes your hosting, domain registration and website updates.
Can I make changes myself to the website design?

Yes! We have website design packages available that include training hours. Our website design team will train your team on how to make edits to the website design. We want to ensure there is a smooth transition from us to you.

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